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About Us

This character education series revolves around five lively rabbits who through the stories of their many antic and trials, can help teach your children about the importance of becoming children of good character.

Combine these wonderful stories with the exciting lessons and activities in the teacher's guides or parent's guides and you have a comprehensive character education curriculum that will help create good character in your children. The teaching guides are full of ideas for application across curriculum and extending from school to home to community.

  • After four years of rigorous research, children using the Peddlesfoots Early Childhood Curriculum showed marked improvement and growth in the areas of social/emotional development and enhanced literacy skills.
  • The Peddlesfoots curriculum is aligned with Creative Curriculum.
  • The Peddlesfoots series supports all 10 Domain Elements in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework Domains of:
    • Language Development
    • Social and Emotional Development
    • Approaches to Learning

The Peddlesfoots curriculum will align with Common Core or your state's standards and benchmarks.

Our Goal--

Promoting character traits in young children as a mechanism to:

  • Encourage positive child behaviors
  • Enhance literacy and academic achievement
  • Proote parental involvement
  • Prevent problem behaviors later in life